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Nude & Taupe

Even though Rimmel products are available both in Denmark and Germany as well, the really good products always seem to not make it to us from the UK. Unfortunately that is…

One currently very hyped product in the UK is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in “nude”. According to many beauty bloggers this eyeliner comes close to the hard to get MAC Chromographic Pencil and from reviews it sounded amazing and I had to get it. When I saw that they were on sale on Asos for an amazing GBP 2.99 I had to get one. Additionally I also ordered the color “taupe”.

Nude will be a great color to open up my tired eyes in the morning without being “too hard” looking, like white sometimes is. I think that the off-white or nude color of the eyeliner will blend in more easily.

Taupe is a great color as well and especially for me, who does not like too bold colors around my eyes. I have always been a more brownish eye make up kind of girls and taupe fits right into my color scheme. Good for a nice smokey eye wearable even during the day.

Both colors glide on smoothly. Almost too smoothly – I managed to almost brake off the nude when swatching it :/ Not too much damage done though. Even though the label on the eyeliners say waterproof – a bit of rubbing already dissolves the color quite quickly. But I did not expect and eyeliner to be waterproof anyway.

I hope I run across them again in the US and will definitely stock up on some of them. Great prices for a great product – bargain!

Love, S.

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