NOOD – Essie Tour De Finance & As Gold As It Gets

So, after I stepped out of the shower an hour ago I was covered in red dots – allergy attack. I therefore decided to stay home and study here and took a break while doing my nails – spring was supposed to start on my nails as well 🙂

It’s nothing special – just a lovely pink with a bit of glitter on top. Though I am not impressed. The pink of Essie’s Tour De Finance is great. It’s a grade shade with a hint of gold. At first I was afraid that I have to apply twice but it actually covered very well even though I used only one layer.

The not impressed part came with the glitter. I thought I give it another chance but that glitter topcoat actually dissolves the polish you applied first. I let it dry for almost half an hour before applying the glitter (the idea came me later) and still it looked like I hadn’t let it dry thoroughly (though it was totally dry). Not sure what to think.

I still love Essie for its color variety though there is something wrong with that glitter topcoat. Anyone else who had the same problem?

Love, S.

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