Night Time Favorites

Everyone should have a good night lotion. For the better part of last and this year I was using the Biotherm Skin Ergetic Overnight Lotion and was perfectly happy with it. But this summer I tested some products from the Burt’s Bees Radiance line and instantly fell in love with their night cream. After the trial size was used up I repurchased the full size product and am still super happy.

The lotion is nourishing enough to be a night lotion but does not leave a trace of lotion on your skin so that you wake up greasy in the morning. Nourishing is good, greasy is not. The skin is able to soak the cream up rather soon and my face feels absolutely smooth afterwards. And even though the lotion says “Radiance” on the front it is not really illuminating my skin, at least not in the glittery kind of way – something I also like. Last but not least the lotion has an AMAZING smell. I could just keep on sticking my nose into the jar.

In the trial pack I also had the eye creme, which I also like but not quite as much as the night cream. While in the US I was standing in front of the full size product but only bought the night cream and not the eye one. I think I will look for something different there and I am thinking Origins. Any recommendations for a good eye cream?

Love, S.

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