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New York City Ballet Soft Shades by O.P.I.

The new LE from OPI just reached the stores in Denmark. Ever since the first ballet movies came out I am a huge fan of everything dance related. How often do I wish I could move like a ballet dancer.

We also went to the ballet here in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing. It was a mixture of classical and modern ballet and I will definitely go again soon.

When I saw the colors on the counter I could just not resist. I was actually out to find a present for my sister but took those two lovely shades for myself. And of course I made my nails only a few hours later.

The colors are all within a soft color palette and are called:

  • Barre My Soul (nude with only a hint of pink)
  • You Callin’ Me a Lyre (soft pink)
  • Don’t Touch My Tutu (almost white with only the slightest hint of pink)
  • Care to Danse? (very light purple)
  • My Pointe Exactly (light grey)
  • Pirouette My Whistle (lots of small and bigger silver glitter)

As I already have some greyish shades in my collection I decided to go with the most pink one of the collection. The polish is not very covering but that is usually the case with light/nude tones. I applied You Callin’ Me a Lyre twice before applying one coat of Pirouette My Whistle.

Advantage of those light shades: you can barely see tipware 😉

Any tempting shades for you?

Love, S.


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