New Year’s Resolutions

I am not the biggest fan of them if I am honest. It is just so super demotivating if I do not end up sticking to them. On the other hand I love to use the motivation of a fresh start in a new year. So yes, I do have a few things I plan on doing/want to do within 2013 but I am not dead-set on them and changes can always occur.

1. Loosing weight by eating better

I would like to start eating better and I am going to start doing this by putting my new juicer into use as soon as I get it on Friday.  I want to eat less carbs and more fruit and veggies – if I would shed a kilo or two (or maybe even three, hehe) that would be awesome as well.

2. More effort in school/work

I want to finally pass that last exam between me and my Bachelor of Science in Economics. I also have only one semester of Master classes left, which means that I theoretically can start writing my thesis this summer (I am planning on starting by June already). By doing so I would have a hand-in deadline at the end of November, with hopefully my defense within this year. Bachelor and Master of Science within 2013 – my main goal!

3. More discipline

Getting things done right away without putting them off. Getting up earlier on more days. Going for the run even the weather is not perfect. You know all those little things…

4. Save more money

I love beauty and shopping and I love to tread myself. But I would also love to save up a bit more money for some bigger things. After all we want to start the wedding plans by next summer and weddings are, as we know, quite expensive.

5. Where to live…

We plan on finding out this year where to live so that we both can work but be happy together. I am open to a lot of locations (except Asia – Singapore is as far as I would move) but would love to stay in Denmark, go back to Germany OR of course move to the US or Canada (biggest dream). We have (at this point) no clue what will happen over the next year but we are open to whatever the future will hold in store for us.

What are your plans for 2013? Do you think you will stick to everything?

Love, S.

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