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That is what I told me when I was actually only on the way to my company’s Christmas party in the city. I needed to run some errands before so I went into town a bit early. After buying what I had to buy I there was some time left and it was way to early to head to the restaurant yet. As it was raining the best solution was to head into the closest store. As it happens that is a Mango store. I have not been proper shopping since, well… Sunday when I was in Copenhagen. But not in Bielefeld. And Mango sometimes has so lovely stuff. I ran into a top right at the entrance and it was not too expensive I had to head it.

I love the colours. I am not sure how it shows on the picture but the top is a lovely dark blue colour with some black in it. I also love the ringer back. Sometimes I just have a mental outfit picture in my head. This top with a pair of black skinny jeans and high heels. Could even become my New Year’s outfit. We are not planning on going out anyway, as I will not be in Copenhagen for that long and will only arrive early evening on the 31st. Perfect outfit for a fancy self-made dinner at home!

Also my blazer from Zara finally arrived. It took a bit longer due to the weather over the last two weeks. And I had the blazer for a few days now and was just to lazy to take a picture of it. Too bad that my khaki pants are in Denmark at the moment 🙁 But the weather is not good enough for light pants anyway I suppose. Cannot wait to wear it anyway! As I am applying for jobs in Denmark in the moment I might have an occasion to dress up pretty soon. Hopefully.

Also my stockings from Zalando already arrived. The ship so fast! And you can pay up to two weeks later. And shipping is for free all the time! Great shop! I can only recommend it. They also have great offers and prices are usually a bit cheaper than elsewhere!

Love, S.

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