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New In – OPI

I was tempted by some “on sale” OPI nail polishes, namely from the Stem Collection. The little box was just too cute and I was looking for a nice nude anyway and here I got 4 colors for the price of one.

I really appreciate the little size. There are not a lot of colors, which I can actually finish off in time before the nail polish gets bad (yes, happened before and it was even an expensive one) 🙁 So those four little ones are just perfect for me.

The colors are called (from left to right): “Play the Poenies”, “Come to Poppy”, “Be A Dahlia, Won’t You?” & “I Lily Love You”.

If you buy several colors in a pack there is usually at least one, which you like less then the others. In my case it would be number 3 “Be A Dahlia, Won’t You”. But I will try it and it is after all only one out of four.

Furthermore I took the chance to buy one color of from the new Nicki Minaj collection. I am not into super popping colors but I could not resist when I saw “Save Me”. It is a glitter mix with stripes of grey, blue, and neon-green glitter and I absolutely LOVE it.

Only disadvantage is that it is after all only a top coat. Otherwise you would have to put on 4-5 coats which I do not feel like doing. Which one do you like most?

Love, S.

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