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New In – Fall in the Closet

In need of some warmer clothes for the fall I dropped into Zara and H&M on my way after school. Over the last couple of months Zara become one of my favorites stores and is now probably ranking higher than Asos, where I used to order from a lot before. H&M on the other hand I have been avoiding for most of this year, both in the collections area and in the basics – I just did not find anything there anymore.

This has changed now. A couple of weeks ago I bought I gorgeous mini skirt with lots of colorful little sequins (separateĀ blog post will hopefully follow) and today I finally found a few pieces again. And I did not even spend 100 Euro, which I think is pretty amazing for the amount of things I got.

Above you can see a sweatshirt and a pair of slippers I got from Zara. The shirt keeps warm but is still made of a very delicate material, which makes it look more dressed up than usual. I love the details on the shoulders. And I finally got another pair of slippers – in black in time for the fall. I hope it stays warm a bit longer so that I can actually put them to good use.

The blouse is sleeveless and rather widely cut. And overly long. That is why I did not hesitate to grab the last one even though it was in 34. With that kind of cut one size difference does not matter too much. And how much of a dream is that mint sweater? I saw it and I had to had it. And it is soooo soft. Absolutely gorgeous.

Black fits all the time. The “color” (yes, I do know that black and white are not colors but what else to call them?) black is quite present in Copenhagen and a lot of girls wear black only (almost).

I love the little detail of the sweater being longer in the back. Makes it more special and I prefer it that anyway. Double plus.

I also got those two shirts, which in my opinion look lovely together though I will not wear them together (due to how they are cut). The white top is a bit longer than normal tops, wider in cut, and the top is sheer (loving it and it does not always have to be lace). And how awesome is the color of the sweater? I could not resist but put it on today right away after I bought it. It also has a cool sloughy fit and will probably soon turn to one of my favorites this fall/winter šŸ™‚

So how do you like those little fashion updates? Yeah or neah? Outfit posts, show posts, what-I-plan-on-wearing-tomorrow posts? Tell me and your wishes will be my command.

Love, S.

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