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New In – Clinique

If you did not know it yet I have to tell you that Clinique is not offering the same products in every country. They do in example not offer the same product range in Denmark than they do offer in Germany (less products here in Denmark) but the products being offered up here do at least look the same (though they are slightly more expensive). In the UK on the other hand Clinique offers products, where the wrapping looks different than in other parts of Europe. And I am sure it is the same in the US.

So every time I want to have a certain Clinique product, which is not being offered up here I have to buy it in Germany (or I buy it down in Germany in purpose as it is so much cheaper down there). After hearing lots of good stuff about their new even better concealer I wanted to try it. Of course it is not (yet) available up here and the same went for the new colors of the chubby sticks so I placed a little order in Germany and got the products send to my parents.

As you can see I got the concealer in the lightest shade called “natural” and it is actually rather light thought slightly darker than my MAC NC15 concealer. It is also quite thick and therefore a bit harder to apply than the MAC one. We will see how that works on my skin.

For the chubby stick I decided for the color 09 heaping hazelnut – a lovely nude, which I absolutely love.

Additionally I was able to pick two trial products and went (of course) for my beloved high impact mascara. As I was running out of mine that works quite good. The other product I could not find when I took the pictures but it is a trial size of their “Happy” perfume and it smells really good. I love that is it quite big (way bigger than the usual mini sized) and I will enjoy taking it travelling with me.

Love, S.

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