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So, I went into the city to run some errands (I have to take care of my cell phone prescription before my move and wanted to make sure that I can do it on late notice).

I also took the time to go to my favorite drugstore to splurge out on every-day stuff. I saw a new Wella shampoo in a commercial the other day and wanted to try it out. Sadly I was a bit too quick and they did not have it yet. But I have to get back there before my departure to Denmark anyway to buy a lot of stuff which I will need anyway and which will be so much more expensive in Denmark. So why not buy it over here when I am paying for a big car anyway, right? I also wanted to buy a new nail polish from Chanel (I was thinking something in bright red like the 473 – Coromandel) and was hoping for something on sale but no such luck 🙁

On the way back to the subway station I passed by a store I used to work at for about 9 months. It is a big department store similar to the American Macy’s stores. They offer all different kinds of brands like Diesel, G-Star, Barbour, Wellenstein, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. While I walked through the first floor I passed the sales rack from Tommy Hilfiger. As Christoffer absolutely loves Tommy, especially as their clothes fit him the best besides Abercrombie & Fitch, NN07, and Ralph Lauren, I could not help to take a look at what they had.

And I was lucky – I found an amazing shirt from the latest Tommy Hilfiger Icon Edition to celebrate his 25th anniversary. Tommy Hilfiger’s, not Christoffer’s and mine. It was the last shirt and it was a Large and I loved the colors and the material as it is made out of a very nice thick thread. I know he has enough plaids by now but I just love to see him in them.

So after all I went shopping but the only thing I bought was something for him! As it will take another month to give the present to him I will take the freedom to wear the shirt myself. And I think I look great in it 🙂

Love, S.

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