New Fall Loves

So, I would call myself pretty passionate about passion and clothes. And all of you know how much I love to shop. Though still ROMWE until recently fell through my grid. But I have been reading about it more and more on various blogs and today I found time to give it a more thorough look. And guess what: I found quite a few things, which I really love.

1. This sweater. Can it become more comfy in the winter? I do not think so. It also has cute details on the back, which you cannot see here (little buttons going down the back).

2. This cape. I am biking a lot in Copenhagen and a cape is just the most convenient thing on a bike.

3, This dress. How cute is all the lace? Love it. But it is of course a typical Sarah dress. Perfect for work (with a cute cardigan) or a part. And an awesome color in the fall.

I love that they have cute things which are wearable and which you will definitely NOT see on every 5th person running around town. It is a nice possibility of looking unique without standing out (in a bad way).

ROMWE ships for free worldwide, you have 365 days to return your purchases, and the prices are very very reasonable. Also, if you sign up for the newsletter, you get a 20% discount code for your first purchase.

Enjoy a little bit of shopping. You deserve it 😉

 Love, S.

PS: For those who will complain – I did not get paid to say that about ROMWE. I checked out the site and loved their things. One should be allowed to tell others about that.

PPS: Picture are of course all taken from the ROMWE site. I will take real picture of the sweater and the dress when I get them. Yes, guilty 🙂

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