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New Brushes – Real Techniques

I have been lusting over those brushes for ages. Ages as in since the beginning of the year when I heard about them for the first time. As you can unfortunately not get them in Denmark I was not able to get them until recently.

By accident I saw that you can now order them on the UK Amazon so I decided to get them shipped to my parents as the the UK Amazon takes the different VAT’s into account and Denmark has a VAT of 25% as opposed to 19% in Germany.

I have not tried out the brushes get put only looked at them and touched them. I wanted to take pictures before using them for the first time. They are SOOOO soft.

I got both the powder and the blush brush as those are the two brushes I use most. Additionally I decided on the core collection kit as I was interested in three out of the four brushes and you cannot get them separately.

From left to right (above) you can see the contour brush, the pointed foundation brush, the detailer brush, and the buffing brush. I did not have a any of the four brushes (except maybe the detailer brush) so I cannot wait to try them out first thing tomorrow morning.

Do you have any Real Techniques brushes and how satisfied are you with them?

Love, S.


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