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New Brushes – Kosmetik Kosmo

After watching Reni in this video and seeing how she manages to apply a great smokey eye with the help of only one great brush I decided to give those brushes a chance as well and ordered them home to Germany (Reni is one of the people behind “Frag die Gurus” – you should check it out). The brushes are from Kosmetik Kosmo and also available on their website. As the brushes are quite cheap considering to what you would have to pay for a MAC brush I went for a few different ones. I did not try them all (except the one in the video – but that one I already LOVE big time) but I will make another review for you guys in a couple of weeks time when I had more time to test them.

And here we go with the brushes:

From right to left: 1. Puder Paula, 2. Rouge Rosi, 3. Lidschatten Lisl, 4. Lidschatten Lydia, 5. Pr├Ązisions Pia

As you can see I got quite a few different brushes. I got powder brush, a blush brush, two eye shadow brushes, and my already beloved “precision” brush which makes a smokey eye so easy. I tried it out on Christmas and I think it looked GREAT!

Love, S.

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