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Neon Love

When I was in Germany over the last two weekends I took the chance to grab three of the four new Essie colors from the latest “poppy razzi” limited edition. The edition comes along in four bright neon colors, which scream “summer” for me.

  • lights – an electric pink neon
  • camera – a brilliant coral pink neon
  • action – a vibrant light orange neon
  • bazooka – a bright orange neon

The colors one essie’s homepage are in my opinion a bit misleading in my opinion. When you hold Bazooka next to the other colors (as you can see I decided against Action) it does indeed look quite orangy. When you take the bottle on its own it looks way more red than orange though.

Just for the fun of it I tried out all three colors on my nails the other day. Here you can also see that the difference between Bazooka (right) and Camera (middle) is less on the nail than in the bottle.

Initially I thought that Bazooka would be my favorite but after seeing the colors on my nails I have to say that I am a Lights-fan all the way. Nothing beats that bright neon pink!

My only little complaint here is that it took quite long until the colors where available here in Europe. We just had another heat wave so neon colors where appropriate. But today in two weeks it is September already, and September means back to school, fall, wooly sweaters and big scarfs. And I cannot quite imagine neon colors to go with that. Besides, the new fall edition “yogaga” is already out in the States (and I am already in love with Stylenomics – as an Economics students with a love for fashion a MUST)!

Love, S.


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