My 5 Favorites – Summer Nail Polish Edition

So I wanted to film this video for a while now (and of course write the matching blog post). The nail polishes have actually been standing outside for almost three weeks now. However the good weather etc. have been preventing me to actually get going with it (you know the drill).

But now I can finally proudly present to you: my five favorite nail polishes for summer! I know that I am technically cheating with this, as my previous favorite posts have always been my alltime favorites. However I decided against it this time for  two reasons: first of all I own so many nail polishes that by doing seasonal favorites I can appreciate them a little bit more. Second: I strongly believe that there are certain colors, which are only appropriate in winter or I would never ever wear in summer. Therefore: summer favorites for now.


1. Essie – Blanc

Probably the color, which screams “summer” the most. The more tanned you are the better it looks, however you do not need to spot a deep tan by any means to make it look good. And definitely a color I would only wear in summer too. Well, with the exception of a “white party” for New Year’s maybe.


2.1 Chanel – Holiday

A classy and more sophisticated color I love to use in the warmer months instead of a tomato red. One coat turns out more orangy, whereas two coats make it a more reddish color with only a hue of orange – with the orange giving the color the summerly feel. My color to go to for more dressy occasions.


2.2 Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine – Satsuma

A nice dupe to Chanel’s holiday (as I do realize that Chanel nail polishes are quite pricey and not always super great in quality). The Gelly Hi-Shine nail polishes are super glossy (as the name implies) and quite thick when applying – one coat does the trick. You therefore skip the orangy first coat step you would have with Chanel and move on to the second coat finish right away. They might not be 100% dupes but it comes quite close. Considering the price difference (at least 18 Euro) I think the oh-so-slight color difference can be ignored.



3. Essie – Mint Candy Apple

Now what fits more for summer than pastel colors, right? And how do I love me my pastels. Mint Candy Apple (especially with the new formula and the wider brush) is probably my favorite mint out there. Lovely opaque and not too dark. However, again unfortunately a color I wear mainly in the summer and also not a color that is appropriate in every office environment (but that is why we got alternatives, right?).


4. Dior – Cosmo

Besides Essie’s “Cute as a Button” (which I will show you in another post, because it is a pink suitable also in Spring and Fall) Cosmo is my favorite pink, which I love to wear both on my finger and my toe nails. It is highly glossy and not totally opaque – which is one of the things I really love about it (it might seem strange but it just fits to the color). On the nails it shows up as a lovely watermelon color and if I could I would definitely repurchase it. Unfortunately Cosmo was part of a limited edition and is therefore not available anymore. However I have to admit that it is not necessarily a super unique color – I think something quite similar can be found in the drugstore segment.


5. Essie – Tart Deco

My go to color when I do want to wear pastels in the office. Like mentioned before: in some office environments, i.e. finance etc., pastel colors like too bright pinks, neon colors, mints, or yellow are not appropriate. Even though you might sometimes be “allowed” to wear them, you should consider how it reflects on you – clients and also superiors at work might not take you too serious, when you show up to work with girly nails on a regular basis. You therefore want to choose a color, which is not necessarily red (or reddish, like Holiday) but still sophisticated enough. And for this I love to use Tart Deco, as it is the perfect “nude” pastel (if that makes sense). It fits nicely to every skin color and like every Essie color the quality is amazing.


What are your favorite summer nail polishes or favorite nail polishes in general? How do you keep it with working and wearing nail polish? Do you have any rules?

Love, S.

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