My 5 Favorites – Blush Edition


So I decided to start this new little series because I love reading similar posts on other blogs and I also love video editions of favorite products of one category (I am therefore implying that I definitely did not come up with this “idea” by myself but just wanted to also do my own version of it).

I will post blog posts on this little series every time I was able to film, edit, and upload a video, which comes together with the post and I will also add the video so that you can also watch that if you feel like it.

But for now let us get started with my five favorite blushes:

1. Chanel – Horizon de Chanel – Harmonie de Printemps LE


I bought this blush because I liked the design. Yes, the design. I loved the stripes and thought (and think) that it looked incredibly pretty. However it is also a lovely color on my cheeks. I have always been a girl with a preference for pink blushes instead of red so this one is right up my alley. With the highlighter stripes inbetween this blush gives you a lovely glow/shimmer, without making your pores look huge or something similar. It was a limited edition blush so you unfortunately are not be able to buy it anymore, however the combination of the blush “Rose Petal” (08) and the Highlighting Compact Powder in “Rose”, both by Sephora, creates a very similar effect. All in all an expensive but special product with a very nice color and effect!

2. MAC Cosmetics – Sakura Mineralized Blush – Quite Cute LE


The Quite Cute LE came out before I started really being into make up. However I was able to get my hands on this blush about half a year after the LE was already out – and I even got it on sale. It looks quite dark in the pan but the heart in the middle helps to make it look very nice dark rosy on my checks, without a lot of glitter or glimmer. And I did not start on how cute the heart itself just looks ­čÖé

3.┬áTarte Amazonian Clay 12h Blush – Frisky


I had to get my hands on some of the Tarte blushes while I was in the States because unfortunately they are so hard to get a hold of in Europe (if you can even get them at all – because you cannot order them anywhere). I had some colors written down but ended up buying Frisky and a set of mini sizes, which came with four different colors. Frisky is probably one of my more reddish blushes with a lovely hint of golden glitter/shimmer inside. The color payoff is amazing but if it really stays in for 12 hours I am not quite sure about – maybe I should start to time it. It is easily applied when you know which brush to use (I love Real Technique’s Buffing Brush) and gives me a subtle look of looking “flushed” – just the way I like it. I like that I can see that the packaging resembles the color of the blush inside (makes finding the color you are looking for easier) and I am a sucker for the cute detailing both on fron of the packaging and on the blush itself.

4. Benefit – Hervana


Hervana was my second Benefit blush and I got it as a birthday present from a friend right after it came out. Even though it consists of different colors you cannot use one alone but by swirling your brush around in the container created a lovely pink, which is very natural looking. This blush comes without any glitter and shimmer and is probably one of the most matte blushes I own, at the most with a bit of a “glow” effect. So if you are looking for a matte pink blush you should definitely give this a try. I enjoy that it does come with a brush (because the Benefit brushes are actually usable and especially when on the go this is great) and like the ┬ácute little cartons the blushes are in. And they smell absolutely delicious!

5. NARS – Orgasm


My absolute favorite blush of all times, which you can tell by me hitting the pan (which lately only happend on three products, this being one of them). It is my “go to” color in the mornings when I have to be quick because this always works. Even though everyone says that NARS blushes are so super highly pigmented I cannot agree with this one (but maybe I just have a “Monday” product?). However I actually like that the color payoff is only “okay” – due to the fact that I am so super pale I really have to watch out that I do not over-blushed and blushes which have too great of a color payoff leave me over-blushed way to quickly. Orgasm creates a lovely dark pink on my cheeks with a bit of golden glimmer/shimmer/glitter. But do not worry – the glitter is subtle and I do not think it emphasizes my pores or anything. I love love love this blush and will repurchase as soon as it goes empty!

The video:

What are your five favorite blushes? And what should be the next product I should show you my five favorites of?

Love, S.

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