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Mini-Cruise to Oslo

For my birthday I got a mini-cruise from Christoffer. Mini-cruise means 2 nights on a cruise ship, going from Copenhagen to Oslo and back.

We boarded the ship at around 15:30 and first of all we unpacked and enjoyed our room a bit. We decided to get an upgrade for the cabin on last minute and because I had chipped in for breakfast already we did not even have to pay that much more.

We upgraded to a Commodor Lounge Room with a double bed, tv (not included in most rooms), separate living area and most importantly with a huge window and private balcony.

The Commodor Lounge Room included 1. free breakfast in a special restaurant (which was amazing – the food I mean) and 2. free snacks and drinks (including beer, wine, and even Campari-orange) 24/7, which just made the trip way more enjoyable.

We got some snacks,cakes and drinks right when we arrived in the room and enjoyed the start of the cruise from our balcony. Even though the weather was somewhat bad when we left, Christoffer managed to take some really great pictures.

This is it for now. I have an outfit post for you guys coming up tomorrow and for the day after tomorrow I got lots of pretty Oslo pictures including the Opera house.

Love, S.

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