Once  again I have been missing not just for weeks but this time months at a time. Today it has been 53 days that I moved to Zurich, 8 weeks on Sunday, which have passed so quickly that it amazes me every time I think about it. I can finally say that things started to calm down. The apartment is almost ready with only a few things here and there to finish (apartment update coming soon – the pictures are already taken) and this coming weekend I will finish two last papers for university so that afterwards I can finally start to fully concentrate on my Master thesis.

My new job has been going well even though it does not leave time for much else. I am gone almost all day and the 2-4 hours I have at night I like to relax and just not do anything. But with the warmer temparatures and the longer hours with light this will hopefully change again soon as well.

Also I hope to get back in to the bloggin and YouTubing mode. I have actually filmed a video a few days ago, which I will hopefully find the time to edit over the weekend and even though I do not like to make promises on here I am sure the ocasional blog post will pop up as well.

For now I will start with a little overview of all my outfits (mainly business but also some casual ones) of the last 6 weeks. I wish you all an amazing Easter time with family and friends.PicMonkey Collage

Love, S.

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