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May Favorites

We are in June and of course I had some favorites I absolutely LOVED to use in May. Some of them were new favorites and some of them were “old friends”.

One of my latest “new” items is the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturizer, which I picked up when I saw it randomly in a discounter while grocery shopping. Fakta buys products in huge bulks and is therefore able to sell them rather cheap (Economies of Scale – Economics anyone?) and as I had not seen the product in regular supermarkets/drugstores I had to get it – and I love it. It really does the trick and keeps your skin hydrated in a very simple and QUICK way of applying. Perfect for us busy-bees.

I used up all of my Bath & Bodyworks hand soaps and needed a new one. Ever since we have & Other Stories I fell in love with this store. They have cute clothes (quite “special” pieces but unfortunately I teeny-tiny bit overpriced), amaaaaazing shoes (three pairs in two months speaks for itself, no?), and I love their bath & body products: shower gels, body butters, make up and skin care items and much much more. During my very first stint into the Copenhagen store I picked up a lovely body mist and an also quite amazing hand soap called “Fig Fraction“. It smells lovely (not too girly so that the boy did not complain), looks quite stylish in your bathroom, and leaves your hands clean but super smooth.

Another new item is my new Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum. I heard great things about this serum (YouTube and blogs are the culprits here) and I had been looking for a serum for literally ages. Already on our way back from London in the middle of March I was roaming the different beauty counters at Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport, trying out different serums. But no matter how many I tried, I just could not find one of my liking, as I am NOT a girl for those oily serums, which are so “in” at the moment. The Aquasource serum however is a very lightweight serum, which gets soaked up by your skin within seconds. So after just a few minutes your skin is ready for your regular moisturizer and you are good to go for a fully hydrated day. I can see such a difference in my skin! Usually I had the problem, that over the day my skin started to look a tad bit dry and small wrinkles appeared, showing how hydrated I was. Since using this serum this has totally changed and I could not be happier. I already used quite an amount of it and I love it.

To add a little bit of tan without fully indulging in self-tanner, I slapped on a little bit of the Clarins Liquid Bronzer Self Tanning Lotion, which I already had been using last year. It gives your face a nice and natural glow without making  you look too tanned. You do not have to watch out as much when applying it, as it is specifically designed for the face. It is also pretty much non-greasy so I think it can be said that this can be used by all kinds of skin types.

I have been a big fan of a bright under-eye area and this Laura Mercier Eye Brightening Powder does exactly this: it brightens your under-eye area plus it sets your concealer nicely. However, the more tanned/dark skinned you are, the more you have to watch out to not pull a “Panda” and look too white around the eyes. Considering that I am a NC15 in MAC I do not have to worry about this and it just gives my eyes a bright and healthy glow.

The L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara was high on my wishlist since I heard so many YouTubers rave about it, however I never got around to purchasing it because price-wise there is not too much of a difference to my favorite mascara from Clinique (the High Impact Mascara). At the beginning of May one of the two big warehouses here in Copenhagen had a big sale on almost everything, including 25% on all L’Oreal products, so I could not say no anymore. This mascara adds nice volume (I do not need the length, as my lashes already have a decent length I think) and what I love about it the most is, how it separates my lashes. It is like combing my lashes every time I wave my magic (mascara) wand.

Two of my favorites blushes were my NARS Orgasm blush and my new CARGO BeachBlushes in Sunset Beach. Orgasm has been one of my all-time favorites ever since I bought it 1,5 years ago. It is one of the two blushes (the other ones is Coralista from Benefit) I actually “hit pan” on. Even though everyone is raving about how good the color-payoff of the NARS blushes is – I cannot quite agree on that one with Orgasm. However: I actually like this (as long as the color-payoff is still okay, which it is) – I am so super pale that I have to watch out a LOT to not look over-blushed and a having not the super best color-payoff helps with that. So no harm done. The CARGO BeachBlush I loved for the combination of adding a cute pinkish color PLUS some gorgeous bronzer-hue on to your cheeks in a 2in1 step. Can you say beach babe within seconds?

For the lips I have been loving my Revlon Lip Butters. Now I already own quite a few colors, which made me want the new summer colors they came out with even more. I got three out of the four colors (I am still missing Papaya, and I NEED it) and the color I loved the most was “Sorbet”, a lovely bright pink, which I am wearing in the video as well though in a very subtle coat. The more you layer it the brighter the color pops – and nothing screams “summer” more than a pink lip.

Last but not least, what would a favorite video/post be without a nail polish, right? I have been seeing a lot of white nails all over (YouTube, blogs, magazines) and I loved it. I think the more tanned you are, the better they look, however even with only a little tan white nails can look great. I picked up a bottle of Essie’s Blanc, because I know how good the coverage is. Even though you still need two coats, applying a matte coat in-between those two layers helps a lot.

I hoped you enjoyed my May Favorites and also the video. What have been your favorites last months or which ones are your current favorites?

Love, S.

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