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Manhatten Blogger Collection

Manhattan Cosmetics worked together with two famous German style blogs: Modepilot and Styleproofed. Together they created two lines of nail polishes, which are currently available allover Germany.

The colors range from classy, over trendy to stylish. Glitter, neon, and bolt colors included. On several blogs one color popped up more often than any other: 7S (too bad they do not have proper names). 7S is a light mint color with subtle glitter inside and comes in the Styleproofed edition.

When standing in front of the stand I also decided for another color: 8M from the Modepilot edition. The two colors I picked are slightly similar as both go into the mint-colored direction. 7S is more creamy and also way more difficult to apply. A first quick attempt can be seen below. 8M on the other hand gives perfect coverage with the first application (though I went for two just in case).

I like the idea of bloggers being able to created their own nail polish line. It also makes sense, that they only picked two bloggers (easier to coordinate) and that they are actually fashion and not beauty bloggers as beauty has so much to do with fashion as well. I am looking forward to seeing more of those colaborations.

Love, S.

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