MAC Supernova & Star Power Swatches

A couple of days ago I showed you the products I got from the new MAC Heavenly Creature LE, the MSF in Star Wonder and the Mineralize Blush in Supernova. At the time when I took the pictures I did not have time to try out the products yet and I also like to take pictures of products when they are all new.

But as some of my readers asked for some swatches I took the time to take pictures of me wearing both the MSF and the blush.


As you can see the MSF is way more subtle. It also contains way more shimmer than the blush. On my arm (without lotion, foundation or anything underneath) it was actually quite hard to apply both products in order to show you some color. Especially Star Wonder was quite resistent on my dry arm but gives me no problems whatsoever in the mornings. But read for yourself…

Star Wonder MSF

The MSF was instant love. It is highly pigmented and I knew right away when I discovered the great pigmentation that it would work for me as a blush. And this is how I wear it – as a blush only. To give it a bit of shimmer (and to make sure that I do not look “stripy” in the face) I like to use my MSF in Lightscapade as a highlighter around the edges and especially above my cheek bones (you know what I mean and where a highlighter belongs). All-in-all I love the results and it is my choice-to-go in the morning at the moment.

I do not know why the two pictures look so different. It must be the light coming from a slightly different angle. Maybe the sun came out or went behind clouds, who knows… I was standing at the same spot and took the pics within the same minute 🙂

Supernova Mineralize Blush

It is a bit different with the blush. I have several MAC blushes, including some mineralize one’s (Fresh Honey & Early Morning from the Naturally LE and Sakura from the Quite Cute LE). Unfortunately they have always given me quite a bit of trouble :/  (except Sakura – that one works okay). Especially if you tend to have oily skin and/or like lots of moisture on your skin (I use a rather high moisturizing product from La Roche-Posay before applying my make-up) the mineralized blushes do not react very friendly. “Blotchy” is maybe the right word. Also the color is a little bit disappointing. I think I expected something more of a deep pink and on me it comes out more reddish than pink, no?


I do not know how the other blushes are when it comes to working with them. Considering that all of my MAC Mineralize Blushes have been behaving equally “difficult” I can only guess that it is the same for every blush in the LE.

My recommendation in this case is: if you want a blush/color for your face, which goes into the direction of Supernova and Star Wonder go for the MSF! You will not regret it. It is a lovely shade and you can work with it without any problems. Yes, it does have shimmer in it (I think that was obvious when looking at the collection) but the in this case the shimmer just gives a lovely glow.

Love, S.

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