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MAC Naturally LE

Yes, as many other girls I have been awaiting the MAC Naturally LE. I actually cut back on a lot of things and only got a few special things, which sticked out. Today I am going to show you the two blushes I got.

Actually I wanted to have all three blushes. But I had to admit to myself that I had bought quite a few pinkish blushes (the last 4 blushes were pink) so I sticked to “Fresh Honey” and “Early Morning”.

Early Morning is supposed to be a nice peachy-pink according to MAC. I think it is more reddish than pinkish (or at least it is the most reddish I own). Fresh Honey is the most unique blush I own when it comes to color – it is a very warm apricot, which appears quite orangy, until it is properly applied.

I am happy about both blushes, though I am using Early Morning way more than Fresh Honey. I think Fresh Honey requieres a special eye make up to make it look really good.

What did you get from the Naturally LE (if you get anything)? Or what tempts you most?

Love, S.

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