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I found my love for MAC. Finally. It started with a little eye shadow a little over a year ago. But I never looked too much deeper into it. You can get MAC products in Copenhagen without a problem.

The real problem is my intimidation when standing in front of those counters. I am mesmerized as much as I am shying away from them. All those sales assistants who know so much about make up and me, using not so much make up and having even less of a clue of it. The difference between NC and NW? What color I was using? Until recently I could not answer any of those questions. In the States I finally found a great counter which was empty besides me and the sales lady was so nice and competent that I went back the day after and bought even more things.

And here is what I bought and why:

Overall view of all my goodies 🙂

Studio Finish Concealer in NC15. I heard good things about it before but that stuff is AMAZING!

Studio Finish Concealer in NC15.

Paint Pot "Bare Study". I got great advice that it can be used both as an every-day eye shadow or as a base. I only used it as an eye shadow but I can already see that it will work great as a primer for the eye as well.

Mineral Skinfinish Natural. A great every-day make up.

Studio Fix Make Up - A high(er) covering powder make up. I wanted something which really covers when I need it. It is best applied with a little sponge. I will not use it that often but as MAC is way cheaper in the States I thought I better get it there so that I have it.

Mineralize Skinfinish in "Lightscapade". I actually wanted to get "Porcelain Pink" and at the counter "Lightscapade" was sold out anyway. When I opened the box at home it was not "Porcelaine Pink" but "Lightscapade". I fell in love with the highlighting powder and kept it nevertheless. Now I am still debating to get the "Porcelain Pink" as I love that as well.

Sheertone Shimmer Blush in "Sunbasque". I was not planning on getting a blush as I had gotten all those blushes from Bare Minerals and was also planning on buying at least two more from two other brands. But the sales assistant applied this blush after we had tried out several make ups and it looked very good. It is a blush specifically for very fair/pale people and I loved it right away.

Love, S.

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