Little MAC Wishlist – and other beauty wishes

As it is out of the bag (yes, we will be going to Florida next week) I prepared a little blog post about my make up wishes. MAC products (and so much more) is way cheaper in the States. Even though I do not use a lot of make up and am also not the best in applying it, I still ADORE make up and like to try out new things.

As the US dollar makes shopping in the States so much cheaper than over here, that is what I will do: shop 🙂

And here we go with what I want to buy…

Quite a few MAC products. Anything I should look into or what I HAVE to buy?

This is the one product I am really looking forward to. I might look into various other things from Benefit though. Here as well: anything I HAVE to look into? Recommendations?

The new Chanel Illusion D’Ombre gel eye shadows. I tried out the the top two and the one in the middle to the right (too lazy to look up the colors right now) and I love them all. I have to see how much they are in the States but I will probably end up with only one color, or a maximum of  two. Which ones should I go for?

I will also spend quite a bit of money on Bare Minerals products. They are so unbelievable expensive over here in Denmark and so cheap in the States.

Which other products do I have to look up while being there? I am a sucker for new products and would love to hear about some experiences from you guys!

Love, S

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