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Little Beauty Haul

Together with the 10% discount at Beautybay and free shipping I could not say no to two more things: the famous Beauty Blender and a nail polish from Essie I had seen in an add.

First of all about the nail polish: I am totally disappointed. In the add it looked like pure gold on the nails. In real life it is barely a top coat with a bit of golden glitter in it. More subtle than my Deborah Lippman one but who wants subtle when it comes to glitter, right?!?! The effect is called luxeffect, but as mentioned: not more than a little glitter coat on the nails 🙁

The second thing I got was as mentioned above the famous beauty blender:

By now I was able to test the blender a few times and I am still not totally sure what to think: it is better and more evenly than using the fingers and not as thick as when using a brush (which I do not like at all for some reason). What I think it rather weird is the fact that you are supposed to get the blender wet first, squeeze all the water out, and then use it. You really have to squeeze a lot and very evenly to get it somewhat dry in order to prevent streaks. In my opinion the beauty blender is good when you wo not seek too much coverage but less cakeyness. For myself: I will continue using the Beauty Blender until it is time to throw them away and will stick to sponges again afterwards.

Love, S.


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