Kiehl’s Oil-Free Range

Vicky recently presented one of Kiehl’s new products on her blog, the ultra facial oil-free lotion. The other day I ran by our Kiehl’s counter by pure accident as I was looking at the counter next to it (it used to be an Origins one, and they are leaving the store and a lot of things were heavily discounted).

But when walking by the Kiehl’s counter I could not help put notice the display for the new oil-free range, including the above mentioned product. My skin has been way better lately and the allergy attacks calmed down a bit. So now I only get allergies about once every 1-2 weeks but if I get it my face is red for quite a while. Otherwise I am back to the almost perfect skin I was used to 1,5 years ago 🙂 I would say it is even better.

So now I am finally free to try out a bit more when it comes to cleansing and lotions etc. As I am about to run out of my Liz Earle cleanser (which I liked but will not repurchase so soon – review coming up soon) I was looking for something else and thought this oil-free cleanser sounded interesting. And after reading Vicky’s description of the lotion I was already hooked on that one.

The line comes with a total of four products, and besides the cleanser and the lotion they also have a toner (I did not go for that one as I am happy with my Clinique one but if I like the other products, who knows…) and another gel cream, also for the face.

Due to my allergies I had to use lots of highly moisturizing products for the last couple of months but I am really looking forward to trying something oil-free again. A more detailed review will follow in a few weeks.

I was lucky to get a 10% foreign visitor discount and also got a little present, which consisted of two of their famous lip balms and another face lotion in a trial size (good for travelling).

Love, S.

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