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So, everyone is blogging about cable-knit shorts lately. I love those shorts as well and recently ordered a pair myself which I am currently waiting for. The ASOS package should arrive any day now. I saw several of those shorts in online stores before but could not find the right pair.

Cable-Knit Shorts from ASOS

The pair I ended up with I only ordered because I saw it on Passion for fashion, one of the blogs that I follow on Bloglovin. So I want to dedicate this post especially to Passion for fashion – because 1. I love their posts and fashion advice and 2. because I saw that every once in a while people “copy” other blog posts without giving credit for other people’s ideas.

(Do not get me wrong: if Black Swan or Harry Potter etc. just came out it is just normal that a lot of people blog about it. But if I see that one blogger comes up with the same topic as another blogger the day after, and on top I notice that the blogger follows that other blogger on Bloglovin and therefore knows about the other post, I just cannot help but wonder.)

So, thanks to Passion for fashion and their post about cable-knit shorts 🙂

Love, S.

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