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iPad Camera Connection Kit

Sick and tired of carrying around my MacBook when going only on mini-vacations (like next weekend to London) I finally invested in this Camera Connection Kit from Apple and at the same time downloaded the WordPress app from Apple. Now all I need for blogging is my camera, the iPad, and the kit, yeah.



To try it out right away this is my first post from the iPad. Typing long texts is still a pain without an external keyboard but I strongly think that such a keyboard defeats the usage of an iPad.



The kit itself comes with two different adapters, both which can be plugged into the iPad or any other apple devices, which still have the old plug (the same set is available for the new plug as well). One adapter fits the SD card from the camera and the other one fits an USB cable, so that you can connect it directly to the camera. As I don’t feel like carrying around an additional cable I will mainly stick to the SD card adapter when traveling.

I think for being able to back up your pictures while traveling (there can always happen something to the SD card – happened to me before) this is great. Also for the bloggers among us blogging on-the-go with the WordPress app and decent pictures from your camera is a plus.

I love my new little gadget and am already happy about how much lighter my bag will be next weekend ­čÖé

Love, Sarah

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