Inventory #1 – March 2013

So far I always gave up on making an inventory of all my beauty and makeup items. But especially with London last weekend and a weekend in Germany coming up I thought it was a good idea to actually look through all my drawers and see what I actually have.

So the last few days I spend doing exactly that: looking through drawers, making inventory lists of what I have, and I also threw some things out, which just had to go because a) they had expired or b) because they just had to go (a few things will also be handed down to friends and family – so no worries, I did not just throw good stuff away).


I now have an exact list of pretty much everything I have, down to the last lip balm. The only thing I did not count was my box with little (trial) travelling sizes, which I use for exactly that purpose: travelling. A lot of the products I get in the Danish Goodiebox go i.e. into that (travel) box.

For now I mainly want to give you a list of my regular beauty items. Makeup is another thing: I just love makeup and I guess I do collect it to a certain degree. With shampoo, shower gel and co. however it looks different and I hope making a little list and updating it every 1-2 months shows me better how much “stuff” I am actually hording at home.

And this is how it looks right now…

  • Shampoo: 2
  • Conditioner: 2
  • Shower Gel: 9
  • Peelings: 0
  • Bath Products: 9 (bath balls)
  • Makeup Remover: 4
  • Facial Cleanser: 6
  • Face Lotion (including Night Cream): 6
  • Face Masks / Special Face Products: 5
  • Eye Cream: 2
  • Body Lotion: 5
  • Body Butter: 3
  • Hand Lotion: 6
  • Hair Styling: 7

When looking at this I think I am still doing okay (except the shower gel – really got to work on that) – especially as a few of those products are on the verge of getting empty (and I want to try to re-purchase as little as possible until I used up more products).


The only problem will for sure be London and Germany (as mentioned above) – however products are so much cheaper in Germany (i.e. a bottle of Pantene Pro-V shampoo in Germany costs something around 2,85 Euro, here in Denmark I pay 39kr (5.25 Euro) for the very same bottle) so that it really pays off stocking up on essentials (shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, tampons, etc.) there.

On the pictures you can see a few products, which I ended up buying in London but I did not count them into the list yet. I also used up some products in the meantime so I guess I will just make a new post in a couple of weeks time and see how the changes look like. 

Love, S.

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