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Here we go with some highlights of the last few days:

1. new running shoes with my name on them / 2. Pringles while studying / 3. good German beer from the area I am from / 4. the meal, which came with the meal – yummi / 5. InStyle US June edition / 6. Bobble water bottles / 7. my colleague brought me the latest InStyle editions from Germany / 8. in front of my office in Christianshavn, Copenhagen / 9. Frig and Hagbard wanted to play and kept on begging – too cute / 10. self-made burger / 11. manicure – Essie “As Cute As A Button” / 12. little bridge over a little lake close to were we life – on my new running route / 13. little haul – review to come

Love, S.

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