I Buy To Possess

You know how obsessed I am with nail polish and how happy I was about the two new colours I got for Christmas. To not be too late anymore I activated an email client on one of the sites where I knew I could get my nail polish to be notified as soon as it is available. Those emails came this morning. And this morning I unexpectedly got them already (I had activated the email client only two days ago when I saw that the nail polish will be available soon). I went on the Douglas site and ordered straight away… And I could not decide.

513 Black Pearl

So yes, I have been a bad girl and order the 515 Pêche Nacrée – a wonderful salmon colour with a touch of pinkish nacre (therefore the name I guess “peach nacre”), the 513 Black Pearl – a greyish black with a hint of green, and the 511 Pearl Drop – a lovely light mother-of-pearl colour.

515 Pêche Nacrée

I admit that I only got the 511 to match with the 515 and to have the whole Pearl Collection (yes, I am a collector!!!). And I am excited to try the 515 as I do not have any clue how it will actually look on my nails.

511 Pearl Drop

Anyone out there who tried those colours already?

Love, S.

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