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I Am A Slave…

… and addicted to online shopping. Of course I have all those great shops around me now since I moved to Copenhagen, and I really enjoy going shopping IN stores. But it is just too easy to find great (and cheap!!!) things online. And I have been good and not ordering a lot since I moved up here, I promise. But on ASOS the mid-season sale started last week and I found some things I have been eyeing for a quite a while now including a black pair of jeans. I really needed a black pair (yes, I didn’t own one before – EVER). Cannot wait until I can try the pieces on in person.

Until then I have to look at the pictures. What do you think?

Love the color and the shape of the shirt/blouse. It is made of some soft silky material and I am sure that it is see-through but that was for once what I was going for 🙂 For some reason that top strikes me as very Danish - which I like.

I LOVE DOTS - I have I think 4-5 tops and dresses with dots by now. Most of them with black backround and white dots on top. But when I ran across this shirt/blouse/dress I just could not resist. I am not sure if I will wear it as a dress or as a blouse - only that I will wear it a lot 🙂

Those are the black pants I choose. Just simple black skinny jeans which you cannot go wrong with. I have to admit that I have one black pair of pants, but them are not jeans but some other material which attracts fuzzy stuff just too easily (and is annoying). I just hope those jeans will fit tight but not too tight.

 Love, S.

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