Home Sweet Home

Reading weeks have started and the only way I can study is by having a nice and clean home. And nothing adds to a clean home as nice and pretty flowers. So I got these peonies from Christoffer over a week ago. Over a WEEK ago! Can you believe it? I like to keep it simple and peonies look good even when they are still half closed. Actually, they have to be half closed when you buy them because as soon as they start blooming they start to fall to pieces 🙁

So now I can study, looking at my nice petonies, iPad, iPhone and MacBook close by. I love to use the file sharing program which I downloaded so I can put up the iPad as my little tv while still using the computer to type and surf. It works through walls and you can even leave the computer in the living room while being in bed and watch a movie on the iPad even though the movie is actually on your computer!

Love, S.

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