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Today I am coming at you with somewhat of an unsexy topic: compression socks. However I actually want to prove to you that they nowadays actually look very nice and are barely noticeable.

Now why am I even writing about compression socks? Believe it or not but I unfortunately still need to wear them, even two years after giving birth. The ones following me since quite a while and who have watched my pregnancy update videos know, that one of the very few issues that I had during my pregnancy was extreme water in my whole body, but specifically in my feet and legs. For your plain enjoyment I will add a picture below where you can see how much I suffered.

I ended up sizing up from shoes size 38/39 to a good 41. While the water slowly left my body again after giving birth, the bigger shoe size stayed in form of a size 40. The same goes by the way for my wedding and engagement rings: just this week I finally caved in an handed them in at Tiffany’s to get them resized: I am going from a size 49 (engagement ring) and a size 50 (wedding band) to a size 52. Oh the joys…

But back to my feet: while the water left, it hasn’t completely left and specifically during the last two summers and during longer plane rides I have started to suffer again with swollen feet and hurting legs. And because of that I have continuously worn my compression socks that I got during my pregnancy. Unfortunately I decided for stay ups when I got my first two pairs, as I was pregnant during summer (and or that they were great). But during the colder times they are actually not the best choice, as pants don’t fit well over them and with a dress and only the socks your tush gets kind of cold 😉

I was more than delighted when I got offered to try some other pairs of compression socks and tights which, fun fact, are from the same brand as my previous socks: SIGVARIS, a Swiss company with over a 150 years for company history. Already with my first two pairs from my pregnancy I had a great experience when it comes to quality (being washed in the washing machine doesn’t do them any harm) and the same goes for the two new pairs I picked.

This time I picked something completely different: I went for a pair of tights in black (my go to with a dress in the winter) as well as a pair for nude colored socks, which actually are barely visible when wearing them which is great.

In order to get the best out of a compression sock they need to fit you very well, but finding the right size is actually quite easy with the instructions SIGVARIS provides. Just measure yourself like shown in the picture and you can pinpoint your size pretty accurately. I am not sure what the recommendation is when you are between two sizes but I would have most likely gone for the bigger size if that would have been the case for me because: the one difficult thing about compression socks is getting them on and off. Yes, it is a pain in the butt and does take some time even without a pregnant belly in front of you. But your veins and legs will thank you.

I personally keep on wearing my socks and tights whenever I know that I have a long day in the office with a lot of sitting ahead of me or any kind of flight (the altitude is a literal pain in in the legs).

Now, if I can wear compression socks so can you. Do yourself and your health a favor and try them out. They are not as unsexy as you might think at a first glance.

Love, S.


Advertisement: The products were kindly given to us by Sigvaris via PPR Media Relations AG. I was however not paid for this post and my opinion is completely my own.

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