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Guerlain Météorites Perles

Those Guerlain pearls have been on my wish list for ages (see here). I actually wanted to buy them after my birthday when we were in Germany for a couple of days. But due to Easter the stores were closed most of the time so that did not happen.

Only a few days after Easter we went on the mini cruise to Oslo (see here). The ship had of course also an onboard shop and I was excited to see what they have. It is duty free after all and products are cheaper – especially the offers. Also was I not able to get the pearls in Copenhagen as they were sold out everywhere.

By coincidence they just had gotten new pearls on the boat and before I snatched up a packaged I of coursed asked how much they were. The first sales lady told me 600 kr (about 84 Euro – I was about to drop them right away). The second lady told me 500 kr (about 75 Euro) and I still did not want them for that price (hello, they are 45 Euro in Germany). But the sales lady went to the cashier and scanned the product and I ended up paying only 28!!!! Euro for them. I am not sure if they had the right price in the cashier. But it said the right name in the receipt afterwards, I swear. So Sarah was a happy sailor (literally, hehe).

How pretty is the box please? And when looking at the pearls – just too cute. I chose number #01 Teint Rosé because I did not want to use them as a bronzer but as a product, which makes my face look more soft. I apply it on top of my regular make up to even out any imperfections and to soften my features.

I am happy about getting them and considering how much I “only” paid the price was okay. But of course the regular costs are quite high and I am sure there is a good substitute out there.

Do you know any or do you have the pearls?

Love, S.


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