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Greetings from Dior

I have been holding back some pictures I took of two new Dior products, which I also got at the Sephora opening.

I was lucky to win a make-up make over worth 300 Danish kroners (ca. 42 Euro), which I really enjoyed. The Dior lady used one of their new “Ready-to-wear Smoky Eyes Palettes” on me and I could not help but get it, as they had a 25% discount on their products that day.

Like most high end products it comes in a little satin pouch (or however you want to call it), which prevents it of scratches and finger prints. Due to the shiny top it does not stay without prints for long though. I chose the color 781 – Smoky Brown as it suits my eye color and my taste most.

The set contains of three colors: 1. is the Base, 2. is Soft Smoky and 3. is Couture Smoky. Depending if it is day or night you can create the perfect smokey eye for every situation. Two brushes come with the set, though I have not used them yet and am not intending to do so as I prefer to use my own.

Yes, this was a “lust” purchase. I was fascinated by the design function of this product (you slide of the top and the mirror pops up with a quiet “swoosh” and for that it actually won some kind of design award I was told) and I am happy about my little high end product. Please do not blame me.

I used the 25% discount to also get the famous “Lucky” , which is an absolute gorgeous color as well. I am still tempted to get the matching lipstick as well.

Love, S.

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