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Goodiebox Denmark – May

I am loving me my monthly “Christmas” day, when my Goodiebox is arriving. As always with those boxes sometimes you like one more, and sometimes you like one less. I was especially impressed with this last Goodiebox, after a few not so good ones.

The May edition was a “summer” one, and came in a yellow box (the second colored box after the last one, which was pink) and I love those colored ones WAY MORE than how they were before (as they came in black – little coffin anyone?). The products were all (kind of) related to summer and I had a total of FOUR full size products (and no, it is not about the full size products that makes me decide if a box is good or not – I would gladly take a proper sample size as long as I like the product and can actually use it).

Which amazing products I found in my box you can see in this video and I hope you enjoy.

Love, S.

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