Getting Ready To…

… take another airplane. My flight to Copenhagen is leaving this evening at 18:45 from Düsseldorf Airport. I did the online check-in as I was able to print out my ticket for once. Only bad thing about the flight is the actual airplane. The plane is called a Bombardier Dash 8 or a Turboprop Q400. Bombardier? Hello? Sounds like I am going to war or something…

I am not overly anxious when it comes to flying though I don not enjoy it was much as I used to when I was a kid. But the smaller the airplane, the more you are able to feel tourbolences. I made some spectacular journeys across Minneaplis/St. Paul to Jamestown and Bismarck, North Dakota. 10 seats. Lots of wind an rain. Enough said. I do not have to repeat that. Thankfully the weather forecast for today is pretty good. At least in Germany. I did not dare to  check the one in Copenhagen yet. I just hope I make it to Kastrup in one piece. If not: Farewell all my beloved friends! It was nice knowing you!

Love, S.

PS: I made it!!!

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