German Glossybox – March

I promise – this is going to be that last Glossybox post until the summer. But I had to get it in because it was the 1-year anniversary box and we all had high expectations before receiving the box.

And this is what I got:

1. Clearasil Peeling

2. Ahava Time To Revitalize Extreme Day Cream

3. Avéne Extremely Gentle Cleanser

4. OPI Nail Lacquer

5. Weleda Citrus-Erfrischungsöl (oil for the body)


My review:

When we all got the boxes we did not know what kind of peeling was inside. The card only said ???. By now it was revealed that it is a Clearasil peeling. I read some reviews about it and it is supposed to be quite mild and I am excited to try it out even though it is “only” from Clearasil.

The Ahava cream is quite expensive according to the Glossbybox card. Unfortunately I will have to stick to my rule that I do not want to try out anything with my skin and will stick to products I know. Especially as I want to try out the Bodyshop lotion before.

I have heard lot of great things about Avéne products and I am excited to try out the facial cleanser. I ran out of the one I bought in the States and used two trial packs of a Clinique cleanser, which I had already used before.

I love OPI products but the dark red is unfortunately not quite my color. But it is nice to have and at least it is an OPI product and not just some random other brand.

The last product is the Weleda oil. I do have a rose oil from Weleda at home, which I absolutely love. The citrus oil is nothing I would wear though. I might try it out but it is not my favorite smell.

Love, S.

PS: Glossybox is raising the prices from 10 to 15 Euro, which is an increase of 50%! New customers will have to pay the new price right from the beginning and old customers will have to start paying 15 Euro from May on (if I remember correctly). I hope that the quality of the products will increase so that we see more high-end and less drugstore products. I will try it out for 2-3 more months after the price change and then make up my mind if I keep the subscription or not.

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