German Glossybox January 2012

I am back. With lots of things to blog about, new ideas, and more energy than before. I spend some lovely days in Germany with my boyfriend and my family, a new job is just around the corner, and the summer is about to start. Yes, things are good 🙂

I know my German readers are probably fed up with posts about the Glossybox. As I cannot get the box delivered abroad I get it send to my parents and pick it up at their place 3-4 a year, which ends up in some major Glossy-posts every few months. As I also have readers from the UK and allover the world, I still think it might be interesting for you guys to see how the German box looks like. I picked up the boxes from January, February and March and will split them up over a couple of days to not bore you too much (but I want to also get done with those posts).

So here we go with the January box (the most disappointing one I ever got, even though it was a lovely deep pink on the outside):

This is what I got:

1. Adidas For Women Relax Pflegedusche (shower gel)

2. Astor Lycra Lacque Deluxe (nail polish)

3. Catherina Natural Silkliner (lip liner)

4. Trendliner Glamlips (lip tattoos)

5. Uma Cosmetics Lip Boost (lip gloss with boosting effect)


My review:

Okay, seriously – this box was total crap. I could use only one product (the shower gel) and that I would not consider a luxury product. Even that it came in full size does not make it better. The nail polish might be okay, just not my color at all (light purple!!!) and the lip liner came also in a weird color (brownish, hello?). We do not even have to talk about those weird lip tattoos. Last but not least the lip boost: my lips are quite full. The last thing I need is more volume 🙂 Not the best box ever and definitely the worst I ever got. But they got better afterwards (as I already have February and March I can say that much)…

How are the boxes from other countries?

Love, S.

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