Galla-fest i Odd Fellow Palæet

The next gala will be on March 12th. I know it is still some time to go until then but with my move and studying for exams I am sure the time will pass super fast. So I am already thinking about what to wear (like almost every girl would do I suppose).

I have three options until now and I love them all. It all depends a bit on what Christoffer will wear. He does not have anything yet so I also still have to keep my options open. My options vary a bit in their degree of being ”dressed up”. But see yourself:

1. My first option is the dress I was wearing for one of my best friend’s wedding. It is a bridesmaid dress but I guess that does not matter. The dress itself is simple but stunning, though quite dressed up.

Choice 1

2. My second option is a dress I was wearing to my own graduation galla back in the days. But it still fits and I still own the matching shoes. I love the dress but I am a bit scared that it might be a bit too boring for fancy Denmark.

Choice 2

3. My last option is a dress I ordered today because I loved the color. It is also quite simple but it still looks stunning. I think it is the color. The dress was also available in black but I think the blue color makes the dress so amazing. I know that it is also quite simple but it has that special something dress number 2 is maybe missing.

Choice 3

So now it is your turn. Which dress do you like most? Which one should I wear and why? And what should Christoffer wear? Tuxedo or suit?

Love, S.

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