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Five Newborn Must Have’s

Babies are expensive, mainly because you need so many things for them. But do you really? Online you can find a lot of lists about what a baby will need in the first weeks but every baby is different and definitely not everything is needed and some things you might have to unexpectedly purchase because you cannot live without them.

Freja is turning three months today (where did the time go?) and by now I definitely have a good short list on things, which helped us immensely during the first couple of weeks (for various reasons):

  1. Nomi Highchair by Evomove – Definitely an expensive purchase but so worth it. The chair is super light and we literally carry it anywhere in the apartment plus it also has to integrated rolls in the two hind legs. This way Freja participates not only in our daily meals but also watches me while getting ready in the bathroom or sits next to me when I work on the computer. The chair serves as a bouncer at the very same time, which saved us the money for a separate one. Later on the chair will transform into a normal high chair and finally a children’s chair. As you are able to choose from various colors for the stem as well as the other parts you can make the chair completely your own (we chose walnut so it fits with our kitchen chairs).
  2. Babybay* Bedside Crib – Having her sleep next to us has been a blessing. I can easily lift her out of her crib at night for feedings, stroke her head or hold her hand while she is falling asleep, and last but not least check if she is still breathing (every new mom feels me here).
  3. Swaddles* – I am a self-proclaimed swaddle addict, however you can never have enough of them. If you look to the picture above I am actually using three of them: one for under her head (should she throw up I can just quickly exchange them without having to remake the whole bed), one hanging over the side (which I use to but underneath myself while feeding her on my side to avoid spillage so that I do not constantly have to change our bedding stuff as breast milk does start smelling eventually) and the third one I used rolled up to and stick on the little slit between her bed and ours (it is not necessary but she started to squirm around in her bed so much that she sometimes woke up with her head in that slit with a bit of pillow face). I also put it under her head area in the pram (not fancying washing the lamb fur), on the couch as well as in her Nomi seat. Swaddles are also nice as covers on changing tables, covers while breastfeeding and covers for the front of the pram (to both keep the heat in and nosy people out).
  4. Formula– Do yourself a favor and have it at home just in case. You never know how breastfeeding will actually go right after birth and even if it does work without a problem you might sometimes have less milk compared to other days. Having formula at home basically let me sleep in piece as I knew I would be able to feed my baby no matter what. We still have our first put and it is not even half empty but we have used it on occasion and that is perfectly fine. We are using Nestle Beba Pro Pre, which had the best test results of the last 2-3 years.
  5. Breast Pump* – I never gave pumping much thought during pregnancy. Nevertheless did I end up buying a manual one from Avent on sale, as it was the same brand as our bottles. Little did I know how much I would use the pump. I do have quite a lot of milk in the morning that Freja eats a full meal and afterwards I can still pump around 150ml. I Freja ends up sleeping well and does not wake up during the night my boobs do often feel like they could burst. Hence pumping is a well welcomed and important relief. For now the one we have served me well but I am currently looking into getting an electric one for when I go back to work. I am specifically interested in the Medela pumps, maybe one where I can pump from both breasts at once to save time. Right now breast feeding is working so well, that I would like to continue as long as possible (or at least for the first year) so the investment would be well worth it. I already spoke with my health insurance and get 360 CHF from them in order to purchase one but I still have to further look into it.


Those were my five top picks that saved my butt during her first three months. Thankfully we did not have a whole lot of things we did not use at all. She still is not get full usage out of her baby gym, however she is still on the younger side for it (and has not mastered to grab for things yet) so I am sure she will get plenty out of it in the next couple of months. Therefore I would not consider it unnecessary. And because we have a dish washer I do not need the sterilizer quite as often as I imagined, but we still have used it quite a few times and it is good to have as we do not have a microwave we could use instead.

What have been your must have’s and what are things you could have easily lived without?

Love, S. 



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