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Feels Like Home To Me

I did not move abroad. Yet. But I am back in Denmark since last Sunday. And it still feels great. Everything I have been missing at home is coming right back at me here. I can finally wear my Hunter boots without getting started at. Not that I mind staring people. Let them stare all they want. But it is just nice not to be judged by what you are wearing.

We were alse able to set up the apartment a bit more. I have done a lot of cleaning, decluttering, and rearranging over the last couple of days but now everything looks great. And even though I know I have to go back for a while, Denmark already IS home. I guess I am at home were my books are at.

I was also able to meet quite a few great people last week. The new international students arrived and I picked up my own mentee from the airport on Friday. As I had a take home exam Saturday/Sunday I was not able to do a lot of stuff with her yet, but I cannot wait to get to know her more! My fiancĂ©’s mentee and his friend also seemed very nice and I am stocked for the next couple of months to come. Being able to take part in all the exchange activities, even though I am not a student anymore, make the remaining months until my final move so much more durable.

The first big Welcome Party will take place on the 10th and Hawaii is the theme. Flower chains are ordered and even though I am enjoying every day here right now, I cannot wait for Friday in two weeks to come. And for Saturday next week. And, and, and… Stay tuned for more great adventures!

Love, S.

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