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Essie’s Leading Lady – Winter Collection 2012

Essie’s winter collection finally hit the stores in Denmark last week and I was lucky to get my three favorite colors without a problem.

The “Leading Lady” collection consists of six different colors, and those are a bit different from what you would expect of a winter collection. Christmas/winter colors are combined with some colors, which would rather fit into a bright and hot summer. But this it what also makes it interesting. Additionally we can finally find some more glitter/metallic/special colors.

The six colors are*:

  • Leading Lady – a supreme deep red with glitter
  • Butler Please – an indulgent bright blue
  • Where’s My Chauffer – an opulent turquoise
  • Beyond Cozy – a decadent silvery gold glitter
  • Snap Happy – a cheerful red orange
  • She’s Pampered – an indulgent red

*Descriptions according to the Essie homepage.

In my opinion you can basically split the collection into three parts: Christmas colors, normal colors and summer colors. Both glitter colors are definitely bringing a vibe of Christmas with them. The two regular reds on the other hand are rather “normal” colors, which you can find similar in the standard line. Last but not least we have the two bluish hues, which are definitely more summer colors but very pretty non-the less.

But the collection definitely included two highlights for me: “Beyond Cozy” and “Butler Please”. “Beyond Cozy” is the most amazing glitter/metallic nail polish, which covers really really good. The result below can easily be achieved with two coats and it already became one of my favorites over the last couple of days. I just cannot stop staring at my nails when wearing it. Though I have to admit it is a pain to take it off again.

“Butler Please” on the other hand is somewhat of a neon azure blue and as azure blue was one of my favorite colors this summer (and probably still will be by next summer) I opted for that one as the second color, which I had to have.

Last but not least I got “Leading Lady” – just because Essie does not bring out too many special colors in forms of glitter, metallics, etc. I am not quite sure if I like it or not. Problem here is that you definitely need two coats as the color unfortunately applies very unregularly. After applying the second coat the glitter from the first coat gets covered up and feels (and most importantly) looks like little bumps/blisters. You can only see it when looking very closely but I cannot help but get bothered by it a little bit. Anyone else who had the same problem?

The colors should soon be available everywhere, also in Germany. Here in Denmark you can for sure get it at Magasin and at Matas. Enjoy shopping!

Love, S.

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