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Essie – Bikini So Teeny Collection – Summer 2012

Before we left for the summer house yesterday I had to go to the local shopping mall to stock up on some new contact solution. They have a very new very nice and big drugstore right next to the store where I bought my contact solution so of course I dropped in real quick.

And it finally arrived in Denmark as well: Essie’s “Bikini So Teeny” collection for the summer of 2012. The whole collection consists of 6 different shades, which you can find here.

I was definitely in for a treat as I had gotten an exam result the day before (I had passed the exam, which I was quite sure I had failed and I passed it with a pretty decent grade – something additionally unexpected). As I (like usually) could not decide between the different shades (and because of feeling like a little treat) I finally picked four quite different ones (well, except the two pinks of course):

So as you can see I got two pinks, one blue, and one green. I just could not resist. Additionally I got a little “gave” (gave til dig = present for you) in form of a nail file (which I will of course try out asap)…

NOTD’s will follow with the different colors but as I just painted my nails yesterday you have to wait for that a little bit.

Love, S.

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