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Essie ♥ {TAG}

Mirela from Coral & Mauve was recently tagged and did a great TAG post on her Essie nail polishes. As those TAGs often help me to realize what I actually own myself and what I would still love to have, I decided to participate as well and share my also not so little Essie nail polish collection with you.

How many Essie nail polishes do you have (please show them to us)? And most importantly: Why do you have (so many) Essie polishes?

I have a total of 17 colors, which is not as big of a collection as some others maybe have, but still quite big. I started buying my first colors of FeeluniqueBeautybay & AsosWhen they relaunched the colors in Germany I also started buying a few here and there when I was at home for vacation. Otherwise we can get Essie nail polishes here in Denmark as well. You can get them at every Matas and at Magasin and by now they also have the new relaunched line with the better colors and wider brushes. Unfortunately the nail polishes cost 99kr everywhere, which is approximately 15 Euro and therefore almost twice as expensive as in Germany.

Below you can see my colors. I tried to sort them somewhat (I got pretty much colors from every color scheme) and put the name on the handle (thanks Mirela for that idea).

Which one is the latest nail polish you got and why exactly this one?

The latest colors I got are actually four colors from the Stylenomics collection: Miss Fancy Pants, Don’t Sweater It, Recessionista and Stylenomics and I bought them all togetherWhy I got those four colors? I could just not decide. I had to have Recessionista and Stylenomics because they are so special in color. And I love colors like Miss Fancy Pants and Don’t Sweater It and as my Chinchilly is still from before the relaunch and really “difficult” when applying I just got both. Yes, I admit: I was in a bit of an Essie rush 🙂

Do you have any top coats, base coats or other Essie accessories?

I actually do not. I have a great topcoat from Essence, which I am currently still using up and I have another bottle of an OPI top coat waiting for me (though in a mini bottle – great for travelling). I am however tempted to get both a base and a top coat when I am out of my current ones. I am also really looking forward to trying the matt coat.

I however got a nail file from Essie, which can be seen here. And together with the  Neon Collection this summer I got some toe spreaders (or however they are called) – you know those things you can use when painting your toe nails.

Which ones are your three favorite nail colors and why?

I really love Cute As A Button because depending on if you use one or two coats it is either just a really nice rose color or (when applied twice) an amazing neonish pink. Definitely a color though, which is okay to wear in an office environment.

My second favorite color is Miss Fancy Pants or Chinchilly. As mentioned above I do not own the new but the old Chinchilly, which is really horrible difficult to apply. Both colors remind me of Chanel’s Particuliere (mine unfortunately has gone bad) and I think it is a great alternative and a color, which goes in every office as well, even if it is super conservative!

Last but not least my (current) favorite is Stylenomics. It comes out almost black on your nails but you can still see a bit of green, depending on the light. I love everything burgundy mixed with dark green at the moment but that is probably because it is fall. If you would have asked me three months ago I would have probably said something else 🙂

Which one will be the next color you might be purchasing?

I still want to have Watermelon as I think it is a lovely color. I might also look into something more nudish-pink like Sugar Daddy or Ballett Slippers.

Besides those colors from the standard sortiment I am always curious about new limited editions coming out. From the next winter collection called Leading Lady (can be seen here) I already love Leading Lady, Where’s My Chauffeur (will be great for next summer), Beyond Cozy (favorite!!!) and She’s Pampered (lovely winter color).

Which color or finish do you miss from Essie?

I would really like some wintery colors, which are matt. Some of the summer colors already came with a matt finish but I would really like those as wintery colors as well.

Besides that, I would like to have some pure glittery colors. Glittery as in big chunky glitter like we know from OPI or Deborah Lippman. I would also like the metallics to come again or go into the standard sortiment as I unfortunately had to pass out on them as they were not available here in Denmark.

Which ones is your favorite color and which other colors should I give a more thorough look?

Love, S.


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