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EOS Lip Balm

A couple of days ago I told you about that I had ordered some of the EOS┬álip balms. Well, today they finally came and I am absolutely delighted. They smell amazing and I am currently having the Sweet Mint on my lips – I love the slight tingly feeling. Best thing ever for chapped lips like mine.

Because I could not decide, which different kinds I wanted (and because they had an offer to get all six), I did get all of them. They offer Summer Fruit (red), Lemon Drop (yellow), Strawberry Sorbet (pink), Honeysuckle (light green), Medicated Tangerine (orange) and Sweet Mint (turquoise). I only tried the Sweet Mint but I already love it.

They are quite big and not super easy to handle (applying is more difficult than when using a chap stick as the area is bigger here). Due to the size they do not fit into my little chap stick bag but they are quite sturdy so I will just throw them loose into my bag and fish them out when needed.

I paid ca. 25 Euro including shipping from the States (no extra tax/toll was applied). Do you have any of them and how do you like them?

Love, S.

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