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Do I Really Need This?

We just came back from our vacation in Barcelona. We had an amazing trip including a great hotel, awesome food, a decent amount of sightseeing, a trip to the beach, and last but not least a substantial amount of shopping. Yes, BOTH of us (believe it or not, but the fiancé is a typical Dane when it comes to fashion and knows exactly what is “in” and what he needs/likes) do like to hit the stores and can do some (shopping) damage if we want to.


A cape I saved a total of 60 Euros on. Great for biking here in Copenhagen (more freedom to move) and  a cape on top makes sweaters more versatile.

Now looking back at what I bought (including the three items the boyfriend bought for me: two hats and a shirt- thanks for that again skat) I saved A LOT. I looked up all the prices on the Danish homepages of Zara and Massimo Dutti and compared them to what I paid in Spain: a total saving of 337 Euro. Not bad if you ask me.


A scarf for only 18 Euro – scarfs are my “must have” accessory and I love them. And hey, this one can make do as a picnic blanket as well 🙂 

But back to the initial question of this post: did I really need all of this? Meaning: would I freeze, feel uncomfortable in anyway or even suffer without the bought items? Definitely NOT. I could probably pass by without all of them as it is not like I have an empty closet. Did I think that I needed all of my purchases. Obviously YES (otherwise I would not have bought them – I actually do consider my purchases rather carefully no matter how cheap or expensive the items are). So was I right in purchasing all of it?

I think we can agree on a middle ground: I saved up for this. I work hard for my self-earned money. I definitely needed (needed as in First World problems) some new boots for the fall/winter. And my purchases are overall rather reasonable. I did not buy any “it” pieces as in “in at the moment but I will never be able to wear them again after the season is over” but rather stuck to traditional, simple and classic items: a pair of jeans, black boots, a new scarf, a simple but lovely cape in grey and some lovely dresses, which can be worn summer and winter. The only stand-out piece would maybe be the biker jacket I got, but even here I stuck to a fake-leather (aka “polyester”) version, which “only” cost 60 Euro.



Okay, I really needed new fall/winter booties as I had to throw my old ones away after two years (Copenhagen uses tons of SALT in the winter – my shoes looked not presentable anymore, especially not for the office).

So let us sum it up: I found some great items for the fall and saved quite a bit of money on them (35% on average) – money I earned myself by working 20-30 hours besides my full-time studies. Maybe I did not need all of them but I will nevertheless enjoy them to the fullest. Think of it as you will but I am happy with my purchases.

Love, S.

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