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Diorskin Nude BB Cream

You know how I am a sucker for everything, which promises me that “natural glow”. For a few weeks now I heard people rave about the Diorskin Nude BB Cream on blogs and on YouTube and was swatching it over and over at every possible opportunity – but never bought it.


When the boyfriend asked again (like basically every weekend before he flies home to Denmark from his work in Germany) if he should bring something from the duty free I could not resist anymore  and gave detailed orders and he did what he was told.

Over the weekend I was able to test the BB Cream to the fullest in warm, cold and even rainy conditions and thought I share me results with you. To compare results I took the time to take pictures for you to see how the BB Cream works on my skin. Sorry for the “towel head” by the way but I just got my fringe cut again the day before I took those pictures and with it down you cannot really see too much. And as I was putting on makeup in the morning anyway this was the most convenient way for me (and yes, I took the towel off eventually) 😉

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On the picture below you can see me without any makeup/concealer on, but only moisturizer. At the moment my skin is rather clear and I only have a few little impurities here and there, nothing big though and it can easily be covered up. The bigger problem is the depigmentation on my forehead and under my right eye (my LEFT eye when you look at the picture). I got this a couple of months ago and I think a change of my pill was the culprit. I changed back to my previous pill after just one pack but the depigmentation did not change anymore :/


The next picture shows me with only the Diorskin Nude BB Cream. I used my fingers to apply it because it makes me feel of being more “in control”. I do love me my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush but for the every-day usage my fingers have to do. The cream definitely evens out my skin and mattifies it as well, without making it actually matt. I also got the feeling that it tones down redness quite a bit.


On the last picture I added some concealer under the eyes and on some spots and  used a light cover of my MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Light to set it all in order to be able to go shine-free throughout the day.


Last but not least I got one last picture where I also added some blush, contour, and mascara:


So what is my conclusion:

  • I do really like this BB Cream. The coverage is definitely light and on days where I have more blemished and impurities I will probably use something else.
  • But especially for the summer I think this is a great choice for me. I was a bit worried because it tends to be a bit on the pink side but I ended up really liking it because it helps to even out my skin tone.
  • I also like that the cream is both matt and dewy at the same time. It is not giving as much “glow” as my Chantecaille or my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizers but is also far from being super matt – but still mattifies your skin so you would not necessarily need powder (I just use it to make it stay throughout the day as I do not pack additional powder into my handbag).
  • It easily lasts throughout the day without making my skin look greasy. I have however rather non-greasy skin anyway (even when using powder only in the morning I still look rather matt in the face when I get back home at around 18:00).
  • I love the packaging as it comes with a nifty little pump on the end, covered by a cap (see picture below).


So is it worth it? With a price of somewhere between 30-45 Euros (it really depends where you buy it so I cannot really give any details – my own was around 35 Euro but in the duty free at the airport in Frankfurt) it is definitly not a cheap BB Cream, however there are more expensive ones out there. Also considering that most BB Creams outside the drugstore segment are already around 30 Euros I think the price is justified. So does someone absolutely need it? Probably not. Would someone who appreciates skincare and makeup enjoy this item? For sure!

Love, S.


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