Dior Vernis – Garden Party

Besides the three Chanel nail polishes, Christoffer also brought me the new Dior Vernis color “Waterlily” from the new Garden Party Collection. Unfortunately I have not been fortunate enough to get it send beforehand like some bloggers, but I could not help but deeply admire this oh-so-pretty and special color!

But see for yourself:

Waterlily was my first Dior nail polish and there are several things I noticed about it:

1. The brush is very VERY wide. Way bigger than a brush from Chanel or OPI. I have not tried the new Essie brushes yet, as they are supposed to be wider as well, but this one is really wide. It was a new experience and I am not sure if I prefer applying nail polish with such a big brush to be honest.

2. The nail polish smells like roses. Yes, it is scented and you can definitely smell it afterwards!

3. The nail polish dried EXTREMELY fast. It took only around a minute and it was completely dried off. As I usually only apply one coat I use quite a bit of nail polish to get enough coverage, which leads to long drying times but not here.

4. One coat was enough. I like!

Can I experience that from every Dior nail polish or is the wide brush something new/special?

Love, S.

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